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Finish the sentence: Do me 

a favor and do me

a favor

and fucking do me

a favour

and then after that you’re going to fucking do me

a favor

#I’d say ‘that escalated quickly’#but actually it refused to escalate anywhere

guys, none of you finished the sentence. You have to have a period and end it. Nerds.

They didn’t end it, but having a period certainly would finish it.

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This is Duolingo, a language-learning website/app that deserves some serious recognition. It offers over 10 languages for English speakers, as well as courses for non-English speakers around the world, and they’re in the process of adding more. 

But wait, I don’t want to do any more schoolwork! Not to worry little one, Duolingo is actually more like a game. You can compete with friends, and earn “lingots” (which are basically Duolingo money) to buy power-ups, extra activities, and bonus skills - like Flirting.


I’m already taking a language, what do I need this for? 

It’s not really a secret that most school language courses (in America, anyway) suck and only teach you to speak the language at about a third grader’s level. Which is why Duolingo is so freaking awesome.

Teachers can’t give every student individualized attention, but Duolingo can. If you’re not learning the way you want to or as much as you want to in the classroom, Duolingo is a really great resource. It’s easy, tailored to you, and really effective.


Duolingo tracks your progress and reminds you when you haven’t studied for a while or need a refresher on something. Already semi-fluent in a language? No problem, just take a shortcut to more advanced subjects or test out of the lesson. 

The lessons start with the basics (he, she, hello, thank you, etc) and move up to harder stuff. Duolingo focuses on vocabulary first, so you can learn the language and then the grammar that goes with it - much simpler than the system most schools use. It also tracks the number of words you’ve learned and how well you know them.


And you don’t even have to write out the flashcards!

Duolingo is perfect for reviewing everything you forgot over the summer or giving you the extra help you need. And if you’re trying to learn a language on your own, it’s fantastic - you don’t have to create your own lessons. Whether you’re trying to learn your second, third, or fifth language, I seriously recommend Duolingo.

Okay, what else?

Duolingo also has discussion boards, where you can ask for help with a hard lesson, make new friends, watch for updates, and share your achievements.

Even better is the Immersion feature. It won’t send you to Spain or France, but it’s pretty awesome. Duolingo takes real articles from the internet, which users translate. You can translate articles from your native language into the language you’re learning or vice versa, which gives you more experience and makes the Internet more universal.

You can suggest new languages and track Duolingo’s progress in creating new courses. Bilinguals (older than 13) can help to create these courses. Duolingo has a long list of courses that can be contributed to, like Punjabi, Hebrew, and Vietnamese. Oh, and Dothraki, Klingon, Sindarin, and Esperanto.

And the best part? IT’S COMPLETELY FREE. 

If you love languages or just want to pass French class this year, USE DUOLINGO. Download the app and practice a language while you wait for the bus instead of playing Angry Birds!

Coolest app I’ve ever downloaded.









Just recently heard of the Great Horror Campout, and boy it sounds great. 

As said by the website

The Great Horror Campout is a 12-hour, overnight, interactive Horror camping adventure. Campers can choose their level of engagement by their choice of activities and tent zone. It can be an extreme horror adventure or a more mild horror adventure. It’s completely up to the camper.

There are different levels, and campers can choose whichever

  • Tent Zone/Camping out (High Startle)
  • Yellow Tent Zone (Chicken Zone)
  • “Hell Hunt” (Interactive, Highly Immersive Terror)
  • Speed Bumps (Interactive, Highly Immersive Terror)
  • Crowd Surges (Interactive, Highly Immersive Terror)
  • Horror Movies (Chicken Zone)
  • Bonfire (High Startle)
  • Fringe Areas/Bathrooms/Mess Hall (High Startle)

It may include total darkness, water spray and splash, uneven surfaces, steps up and down, strobe lighting, latex, narrow tunnels, crouch spaces which require you to bend down while walking, sudden loud noises, live scareactors, fog and scent effects which are all intended to startle and frighten you.

It is not for anyone under 18 and is not recommended for people with heart or back problems, pregnant women, people prone to seizures or anyone who has an affliction that is made worse by fear, anxiety or flashing lights.


Going to this next year. Couldn’t afford it this time unfortunately.

It sounds great! You should write a big ass entry about it. With pictures if possible. I’d love to see your review. :)

Oh you can bet I will!

This would be better if they didn’t tell the campers what they planned to do, if they just had people sign up for something and they entered the area not knowing what to expect.

Maybe, but if people had no idea how big of an event it was or how many activities there were, not as many people would come, I don’t think.

Plus there’s still plenty of tricks they can put up their sleeve!

Oh lordy

How about NO.

During Great Horror Campout you may be forcibly handled, moved, bound, hooded, chained and subjected to simulated torture by our actors. You may witness strong verbal content, which may be considered offensive in nature. This content is part of the experience and is presented for entertainment purposes only.
You will not be placed in real danger at any time.

How bout you go fuck yaself.

“Do not touch the actors. Do not touch properties, sets, effects. The actors may touch you. You cannot touch them back. They WILL NOT harm you.”

Also it’s 12 hours. And they expect you to leave at 8am, after you probably didn’t get any sleep cause of their lame ass actors going boogabooga at stupid o’clock in the morning. Yeah no.

Also, cheapest ticket is $99, so yeah no. Also they say hey, if you came alone you’re probably going to be in a tent with a stranger.

Heeeeyyyy, fuck you.

It honestly sounds like an overnight fucking slumberparty haunted house. As much as I love haunted houses and all that cheesy shit, I got better things to be wasting $99 bucks and 12 hours on.

Such as Dystopia Rising. It’s Friday (around 10pm) to Sunday (noon). It’s also a fuckton cheaper. At least the ticket, yeah, yeah travel supplies blah blah blah camping. CHEAPER.

Also you’re not going to be ‘forcibly handled’ by anyone!

If someone fucking touches you or grabbed you to hard or WHATEVER, you fucking tell them. If they don’t stop, or apologize or whatever, go to a Marshal or other Staff member and fucking tell them.

Granted DR and this hokey Camp o Horror are two different animals. One is an organized international LARP, the other…well sounds like an overgrown haunted house.

Did I mention that this horror house actually shows movies at the camp? YOU’RE FUCKING CAMPING, no electronics! STAHP.

American Horror Story: Freakshow | Fallen Angel x

So buzz about the internet is that THIS is actually a fanmade teaser.
Which would explain why the CG on the wings looks so flat and static, and well…butt.

I mean yeah, neat little promo, the ‘reveal’ does look a little more convincing, but guys no…

Also as spooky as puppet wings would be, you can see in the first couple shots the lack of well…armature. And again, sure, spooky bodyhorror bleeding, but it’s unpractical to put your victim in a dress that she’s gotta pull on over her head, and somehow over dem wings. I mean, unless of course, she’s never gonna change her clothing and just casually bleed onto the back of it until it becomes so obvious to the audience that ‘lol hey her dress is gross’
But I digress.
Sure, we all remember going to shitty carnivals and harassing our parents to take us into the freak show only to get bamboozled by some lady who is part snake or some nonsense, just casually sitting in a too dark to see room, so it looks convincing enough. We didn’t need ‘proof’ as kids, however…I think in the case of “Fallen Angel” the audience going to see her would want her to do a little turn on the catwalk, proving how not fake the wings are. Not an easy task when they’re just bodyhorror puppets. I mean for heaven’s sake last season we had Minotaur man and a headless, albeit enchanted, LaLaurie. Previously we’ve had horrible experiments on psych patients and terrible ghosts of varying degrees of ICK running around. We didn’t need proof of it - it was rubbed right in our faces. It wasn’t just someone holding the strings.

Spooky, yet flawed teaser.









i cant even make it past the table of contents im laughing too hard


It’s called “Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes: A No-Bullshit Guide to World Mythology”
By Cory O’Brien, and it looks highly entertaining. :D


Give it here, now.

Sweet Fluffy Gods why is there not an audiobook version?

I need to find this book.

The first time Iv’e wanted to read something since Metro 2033.


guys…look what we did :D

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